The L’Œil d’or Documentary Award

The L’Œil d’or Documentary Award was created in 2015 by LaScam (French-speaking authors’society) and its President, Julie Bertuccelli, in collaboration with the Cannes Festival and its General Delegate Thierry Frémaux, with the support of INA (French National Audiovisual Institute) and, for this year, Audiens.

It will be awarded to a documentary screened in one of the Cannes Festival categories (Official Selection, Un Certain Regard, Cannes Classics, Special Screenings & Out of Competition, Short Films, Directors’Fortnight, Semaine de la critique).

The politically incorrect documentary

Thierry Frémaux, when recently responding to journalists speaking about a « political » Cannes selection, said « It’s not the festival that is political but rather the artists. If the artists only talk about love then the festival only talks about love. But artists don’t live in a bubble. » Thierry Frémaux is right, artists don’t live in a world apart and those who make it their business to film reality do so even less.
They play a unique and essential role. Powerful stories unearthed from the banal everyday and the author’s empathy for the Other is what embodies the documentary film.
These film-makers shine a light on amazing human stories, they film life, they project dreams…
Documentary cinema gives us a subjective view of the world — and we all need that !

Anne Georget, author, film director, president of LaScam